Pain Relieving Therapeutic, Spiky Acupressure Massage Balls




Relieve Your Pain And Stress With These Therapeutic Accupressure Massage Balls.

Theraballs work by improving the circulation to your muscles, ligaments and joints. They also increase flow of chi (life force energy) in areas of stagnation by gently stimulating your acupuncture points and meridans. Based on Reflexology you can improve the health of your entire body by working the balls on your hands, feet and ears.

Product Description

red thera ballred thera ball


Medium firm and grippy, 4" in diameter. Use for your sore back, great on your head, neck and arms.

blue thera ballblue thera ball


Very firm, 3.75". Lean into your wall, chairs, floor. Great for glutes (bum muscles), IT bands (side of thigh) Fantastic for tight, sore feet.

yellow thera ballyellow thera ball


Medium soft, 3.25" in diameter. Put at the back of your neck for headaches, works well for very tender feet.

green thera ballgreen thera ball


Very Firm, 3". Because of it's size you can put a lot of pressure into it to deeply release your feet, hips and thighs.

orange thera ballorange thera ball


Soft and grippy, 2"-2.5".This my favorite, Being small you can use for your hands, arms, feet, glutes... Very good for carpel tunnel, Buy two and place them behind your head to get rid of headaches.


Uses For Theraballs

  • Reduce muscle tightness and sorness
  • Great for relieving stress
  • May prevent or improve repetitive strain problems
  • Help strengthen weak hand and arm muscles.
  • Orange ball can help you reduce bad habits like nail biting and chewing lips and fingers.
  • May release the deep tissues (e.g. IT bands)
  • Fantastic for massaging reflexology point on hands and feet.
  • Headaches can be reduced or eliminated by placing two orange or yellow balls at back of head.
  • Plantar Fascitis can be prevented or treated with foot work
  • Increase your flexability by releasing tight muscles
  • Speed up healing to post acute injury sites by increasing blood flow and moving out toxins and waste products.


Using Your Theraballs


Use them to roll, rub, knead, twist, drag, and lean most of your sore spots away. You can use common solid objects to create deeper massage by leaning into your office chair, couch, walls, beds, floors and doors....Be creative and move around while you put pressure on the sore spots.

It should always feel good even if it's a little tender. If it hurts, use less pressure or discontinue treatment to that area. If the area gets worse or continues to cause you pain see a well trained registered massage therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or medical doctor. You should not suffer more than 5 to 7 days of pain in any particular area before seeking professional advice or treatment.

Warm Up the Area

To warm up your tissues, gently roll the ball over the area that you want to treat. Look for areas that are tender to your contact. Notice that the most tender areas usually feel more dense to your touch.

How to Release Your Neck and Shoulders

My favorite balls for this task are are the soft red and the orange. I like these because they have the most grip as you press, roll and twist these balls into your neck and shoulders.

These exercises work very well with a willing partner or by yourself, especially if they tend to put too much pressure into your neck and shoulders when they massage you with their hands.You may wish to leave this job to a professional

One technique which is great for preventing head aches is to place the the balls at the base of your neck roll into or away from the bony ridge.If you have a matching pair of balls you can also place them at the back of your neck and lie on them till your neck releases.

To help stretch your neck muscles, press the ball into your neck while you stretch away from the ball. Tracing the muscles in the front of your neck, start at the top of your collar bone rotating away from it. Continue to roll and twist the ball all the way up to the top of your neck just behind your ear.

How to Release Your Chest Muscles

Use the red or orange balls. With your hand, roll the ball over the top of your chest and along the side of your sternum (Pectoralis major and minor muscles). Roll lightly at first, locating some of the more tender areas. On the tender spots, anchor the ball and apply light to moderate pressure into the area while twisting the ball to stretch the skin. Your can also drag the ball, stretching the skin in an up, down and side to side motion.

How to Release Your Back Muscles.

Sitting at your office chair or couch place the blue, red, or yellow ball beside your spine. Slide your back sideways to push the ball outwards into the edge of the muscle (paraspinals) while breathing deeply. Inhale and then exhale slowly (count to seven each way). Focus on expanding and contracting your rib cage and spine into the ball. Hold for 30 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes. For extra effectiveness try moving your back to rotate your muscles over the ball.

How to Release the Side of Your Thighs (ITBand)

This is great for runners, cyclists, and computer users who sit all day long. These activites result in very tight IT bands. This tightness can result in hip pain, leg stiffness, knee pain. Long term tightness can result chronic hip and leg alignment issues, burning sensations and fatigue in your low back hips and knees.

Place one of the balls between the sides of your leg and a door, wall, floor or other stable surface. Lean your weight into your thigh, you may find this tender so work gently at first increasing your pressure as needed. Changing your position on the ball will guide you to other tender points.

More instructions to come...


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